Valais Mundi Branding Revision - Propaganda Live
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January 2016

Valais Mundi

Branding Revision| Graphic Guidelines | Illustration | Label Design | Packaging | Communication Tools| Website Design

Uvrier- Switzerland

Every drop of the Valais Mundi wine,  tells  the history of its beautiful vineyard in terrace set in the Sunny Valais, the River Rhône at its feet, surrounded by the Snowy Mountains. This exceptional wine expresses the conviction and the know-how of wines with high expression.

At the occasion of the White Wine Cru Launch : our Creative Team has been challenged to revise the Branding of the exceptional Winemakers from Valais Mundi.

We provide expertise in Art Direction, by creating and designing a delicate yet authentic Branding Revision including Visual Identity, Graphic Design, Web Design and Illustration fit to meet this extraordinary Wine standards